Never take it from Satan, am a God blessed singer
try chewin' on the bread like a swift sharp Bishop
said i gotta stand my ground, gotta hold the fort
got a brave heart cause my life is too short.
Syrup tastes great but the world is less fillin'
you can be all you be but you gotta be willin'
said the operator is standing by, he's waiting for your call
know your soul, he's called Jesus in the stable full of straw

Get funky!...Bee-hatch!

I tried it on my own i can't just do it
but now am in good hands and i know he'll see me through it
if you can't say this, get a piece of the rock
i said time is running out...TICK TOCK TICK TOCK
Many comes-a-up and said you gotta take a lick
but when Jesus Christ has your back you're gonna keep on ticking
said ticking like a timer, it's waiting to explode
with the darkest street corners is where you're gonna go

Can you feel it?
...Aw yeah!
...Here comes that groove!
...Let's see ya move!
...Yeah yeah yeah yeah!

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