I am not what I seem to be
I mean no harm
I'm not a fake
There's a world alive inside of me
Got a heart that beats
And eyes that see
So don't tune out this frequency

Best intentions don't guarantee
Only love will set you free
Makes no difference long as you live and breathe
Like you, like me

If I believe only what I see
I kiss the dark
I am the thief
Stealing light from all of us in need
Causing grief
Ignorant conceit
So show me love, give me some relief


I came from nowhere like this city street
Everybody's walkin' to a lonely beat
I don't know what they're saying
But I know what they mean

And all their good intentions
Will only chain and fetter me
Take me home
To where I want to be... free
Free... like you, like me, like you, free


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