I told her, "Let's take it slow", she heard, "Forever" instead
I said that this is a start and she hear the same thing again
So I didn't say one word, but what she hear in her head
Is all that she wanted to her, damn

I tried to tell her before, the words they come out too late
And then she went for the door, and I didin't stand in her way
"Dont ever call me no more" I think she really meant to say:

"Call me, never let me go" and I said, "I told you so there's no chance
No I will never ever change 'cause I'm still in love with yesterday"

It's the same old story, the story goes:
"Once upon a time, in a land far away
There was a princess alone, alone in need of king
And then he rides into town and then she gets carried away
Yeah, she got carried away
I think she wants to her me say
"Call me, never let me go"

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