I'm roaming through in the woods
somebody is calling me from in the dark.
I'm a right mind but I can't control,
my body is pulled by a strange thing.

It leads up to black the hole, the gloomy darkness covers up me
the smell of corpse hang over, the servant of hell whispers to me

* Com'on here, there is no the pain, sadness, agony...
Your desire will be satisfied, all hope : passion, wish all...

Why do you live on in ugly, dirty, rotten world…
You will be able to get the grace of gods... deathtemptation~!
I'm standing at the cliff, in calm winds and tides
He calls me, leads up to here, he says death is immortal life into
the sea by invisible hands, i can see the past of my life
In strange beautiful lights, everything goes nothingness

* (repeat)

I'm falling between white shadow and black shadow
I can see bright lights and flowers, playing children, singing voice
but I can't reach to the circle, I'm falling to darkest hole into
insane fire and lake of high heat, everything goes into eternal
pain…: You're helling in hell now, to lightless grave ! welcome
to hell - Your soul rot on torment to the ground ! - to the dark
bottom - You get gradge and rages in endless pain ! - With the
power of Devil - As and Evil spirit, you'll return to that world !!
... Deathtemptation~!

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