Where I must go now I should go?
Heavy breathing but nobody's there
Wizard gods are lurking in the dark?
Freezing in the rain, setting on the pain
Demons sometimes find a way I should go
This is the life I was born to lead
What is the meaning of the pain my feel
Where did destiny come from, will goes to?
Nothing you can do in this world.
It's time to send off your soul on a travel
Into the land of dreams and mist
Silent air passes through the night
Free the spirit from its chain
Elves calling from the silence
No more reality, no more secrets
No more hope, no more happiness
You're leaving all the pain behind
You see shadows of the trees born and die
Your time falls through storms of the past
Misty silence streams into your soul's core
Merciful Forest
The released forest
From agony
At the forests end, waiting you
Flying above my head
Elves of the forest
Necromancer of the forest
Take me from the sun and far beyond it
Deeply and without end

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