The ghost in the mirror now ! Awaked by a father's words
The sky welcomes the night, calls mad storm and thunder
This house is "kanashibari", the ghost shows devil's true colors
A father risks his life to help souls of sadness

When he obeys holy words, the locked souls are released
Give a way to heaven, released from torture and tormentor
Does he falling in hell, inflicted the god's punishment on him
He is a servant of Satan, but no sin for him, "kanashibari"

The devil casts indecent words, casts death temptation
A father don't shrink, a father knows he is a liar
All time stops, stillness and motion, light and dark cross
All evil and all holy are gathering to hellhouse

[repeat *]

"My soul is melting away, but I don't die !
I'm not a loser, but no help from Satan.
Do I sleep my last sleep in eternal dark ?
I never die ! Oh!!! Hail to the darkest here !!!"

"He's a soul can't go to heaven, not also go to hell
Father locked him into the old well in this house....."

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