And after the fall
There was nothing at all
But you to save me
And after the rain
Drove my sadness away,
You could break me
And after the light
Left me nothing to fight,
You could make me
ANd now here I stand
In the palm of your hand
So make me real

'Cause I can't breathe
And I don't sleep for days
And I can't walk away
When you don't want to stay
Now I see
I have to understand
I'm not trying to be a man,
I'm dying to be your son
And holding on for you
To show me how

How can I rise
When I look in your eyes
And you don't see me?
How can I see
Where the line's supposed to be
If you can't show me?
How can I think
I deserve better things
If you can't tell me?
'Cause here I stand
In the palm of your hand
With nothing real

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