You can't love yourself
In a cheap motel,
It gets hard to tell
What you are, you are

With the lights down low
You're just flesh and bone,
No one wants to know
What you are, you are

So tell the most beautiful lies

And go do it nice and slow
You don't want to blow anything
You know we all love the show,
Do it like you don't feel a thing
Feel nothing

And as you connect
Like some strange insect,
You know they're not wet
But you are, you are

Leave the TV on
Watch the same re-run
They swear nothing's wrong
But you are, you are

You're acting like you were born yesterday,
You're kissing like you're coming true
You're hearing everything they never say,
You're talking like they're getting through
You're sure that soon there will be hell to pay
But don't you let that spoil the mood
You know that there are more than shades of gray,
You grab on till they're black and blue

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