Listen to me, let yourself be bewitched by the sound of my
voice. Join my kingdom of light. Listen to me, listen to my

Under the dark clouds of may, a leaf slips over your face,
spring of love for tears of sorrow. Red eyes that wait for you
for such a long time under the moon light. I know that you'll
come, in spite of you... after all...
Don't try to know why, do you envy the destiny, statues that
never meet, that never touch?


Ne cherche pas … savoir pourquoi, envies-tu le destin des
statues qui jamais ne se rencontrent, qui jamais ne se tou-
chent? Sous les sombres nuages de mai, une feuille glisse sur
ton visage.


Regarde-moi, regarde-moi, regarde-moi vainc ta peur ,trange,
tapie au fond de toi, ferme tes yeux et entrouve moi ton coe-

Look at me, overcome your strange fear deep down within your-
self, close your eyes and open your heart to me. You didn't
beleive me, but what matters, wether you want it or not, we
threw a stone bridge between our two souls and the blood that
united us flows under the arch... I'll be able to cross it
when the time comes an clear a way to your heart. Under the
dark clouds of november a dead leaf slips over my cheek and
wipes my tears of sorrow, my tears of sorrow.

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