Once I lived the life of a millionaire,
Spending my money honey, I didn' care.
taking my friends out for a mighty good time,
I drank that good gin, champagne and wine.

Just as soon as my money got low
I couldn't find no friends,
And I had no place to go.
If I ever get my hands on a dollar again,
I'm gonna holdon to it till that eagle grins.

'Cause I found out that nobody wants you
Nobody wants you when they find out
that you're down and out.
In your pocket, there's not not one penny,
And as for friends, you don't have any.

just let you get back up on your feet again,
here they all come telling you
their your old long-lost friend.
And this I wanna tell you and about it I have no doubt
Nobody wants you
nobody needs you
nobody wants when you're down and out

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