You say you wanna do the wobble
that's nice
You say you wanna do the wobble
just right

shake your shoulders up and down
jump to the side and tremble tremble
yeah, uhuh
you're doin the wobble
all right

you say you like to the wobble
I know
You say you wanna do the wobble
let's go

stretch one arm out the other one too
moves your palms back slowly slowly
yeah, uhhuh
you're doing the wobble
well allright

-look here baby-
-Im a told you gonna do that wobble for me girl-
-I want you to do it right-
-don't be jivin-
-get in the groove baby-
-sway for me now-
-yeah, you're doing it right-
-aha that's it-
-look here mama-
-shake it slowly-
-up and down-
-move them thumbs back baby-
-slowly slowly-
-that's it baby-
-now you're doing it mama-
-you got it-
-you doing that wobble-
-and this is what I want you to do for me-

shake baby shake
like you're on a break
put your hand on your hip
let your backbone slip
shake it to the east, shake it to the west
shake it whichever way that you love the best
mama said so, papa said so
dancing to the music
makes you wanna holler more

aha, ok
you're crazy about the wobble
aha you say
you wanna do the wobble all night

jump to the east, jump the left
stand right still and kinda shake your shouders
yeah, aha
you're doing the wobble
all right

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