I Intentinoally Wrote It Out
To Be An Illegible Mess.
You Wanted Me to Write You Letters,
But I'd Rather Lose Your Address
And Forget That We Ever Met
And What Did Or Did Not Occur.
Sitting in the Station It's All a Blur

Of Dancehall Hips,
Pretentious Quips,
A Boxer's Bob and Weave.
And Here's the Kicker of the Whole Shebang,
You're in Debt and Completely Fooled
That You Can Look Into the Mirror
And Objectively Rank Your Wounds.

Sewing Circles Are Not Solely
Based in Trades of Cloth.
There Are Spinsters Here
Reporting On Us As

Information Travels Faster
In the Modern Age, in the Modern Age
As Our Days Are Crawling By So Slowly. (Repeat)

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