I believe and I'm willing to stand
Make a confession that I won't take back
Let me say it so that everyone hears
If they're against me I don't care
A hater's gonna hate their life away
A lover's gonna hear the truth and be changed
I don't wanna let my pride in the way
'Cause I'm just a sinner who needs to be saved

I need you
This is serious
I need you more than an experience
I need you 'cause you're the real thing
I need you I used to be so curious
What it would take to feel completed
Now I know you're all I needed
I need you

Break it down everybody's the same
Adam and eve all over again
Looking for the reason that we were made
When all the signs are waving right in front of our face
I'm not gonna let the moment slip away
I'm not gonna leave it all to fate
I'm not gonna make the same mistakes
Over and over and over again
In a world with too many voices
Too many choices
You're what the point is

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