I'm calling out
I want you here
This is my 9-1-1
I'm sinking down
Into the fear
That I just can't outrun
To save myself
All I can see
Is that I've got no choice
I cry for help
And pray you'll be
The one who hears my voice…

Someone to rescue me when I'm in a mess
Whenever I'm falling
Someone to be my safety net
I NEED A HERO… Watching over me
I NEED A HERO… In my time of need
To fix it when it's going wrong
To be big and strong
You know that I NEED A HERO

I see you there
You're unaware
Of what is in my heart
Afraid to speak
How can it be
It's tearing me apart
What can I do
To make it through
If you don't hear my cry
It's not a test
I'm on the edge
And running out of time
[Repeat Chorus]

Waited my whole life for someone like you
And I think it's time for my dreams to come true
If only you could hear me I know you'd be near me
You'll never let me go
[Repeat Chorus]

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