I won't deny it, I can't define it
Heart telling the news, of broken dreams
Just find a story, story to reach in
Remember the words, be strong and survive

What would you do, at the final hour?
Would you like to feel, or would you like to be free
One for me and one for you
No more cards, the dealer says and looks deep in to my eyes

There's not much time, a moment to play
I am running, running into the grave of fallen one
Next step is the last, last in this life
It is over soon, my mind filled with open never reached, dreams

I will born again, with a smile
Sleepless mind and many things to achieve
Who wants to bleed, who wants give their sins away
I am here for you, my angels of despair

Don't want to be the last in line
I won't be here tomorrow
The last day alive

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