Smoke filled room
Champagne on ice
Bed of roses
But something still ain`t right

Light through my window
Lazy afternoon
I wanna taste the good life
But I`m missing you too soon

Take my heart, take my soul
Love has taken it`s toll
I got no feeling, no control
Love has taken it`s toll

I`m halfway around the world
You`re halfway gone
Please don`t say you`re leaving
I know where I belong

I see only you
In every face I meet
I may not say I love you, sugar
But I sure know what it means, yeah

Oh, yeah, yeah


They say that love is
Like the edge of a knife
Cold and hard and
Waiting to cut you

But I could hold you
For the rest of my life

I close my eyes and
Reach out to touch you again

Touch you again


Spring turns into winter
The day kisses the night
And all I can remember, honey
Is kissing you goodbye

I still think about you
On those deep dark lonely nights
I hold you in my aching heart
And I pray that you`re still mine, yeah

Mine, mine, mine, yeah


Love has taken it`s toll
Sha la la la la
Love has taken it`s toll

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