It was on the tip of her tounge
but she did not say a word
why did she sometimes take shit
that she did not deserve
she wore a smile on her face
as a disguise to hide the tears in her eyes
And she just let the time go by
She turned away so
that no one would see her sad
where had the love gone
that they once had
she only cried when she was alone
when her husband and the children were not home
And she just let the years go by
But one she'd had enough packed her things,
went out that door
I've seen the pictures of here
when she was young of the happy girl
she was before she met the man of her dreams
fell in love and suddenly
she found herself in a situation
she thought she'd never be
But I know that she's better of today
Al that time,
al those years
so little joy and too many tears
all the sacrifices she had made for him
all the thigs she'd given to
just to please that man
but now that she is on her own
she can smile again
Just like that happy girl that she once was

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