Just another "Girlband", fuck that point of view If you can't relate maybe the problem's you Feeling insecure and threatened by their songs It's easier to ridicule than to admit that you are wrong Compare them to eachother say they sound the same If you look at your record collection that excuse is pretty lame Just another "Girlband" is a stupid point of view Listen to their words and you might learn something new Your sexist are no fun at all And those pin-up posters on your rehearsel room wall It's all a stupid and ignorant rock 'n' roll myth to wonder this business is so full of shit But it seems the only way they can get throgh to you Is to do what so many women before them have had to do Use the traditional concept of their sexual appeal To spread a message express a thought or what they feel To express a thought or what they feel Isn't that what music is about? If you decide it's not Please count me out!

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