Child in silence - I've seen the way
The tears run down your face.
Child of violence - I know that you've been
Dying in this place.
Child without mercy - they've haunted you with
Whispers in the dark.
Child in exile - they violate and strain you
With their mark.

Child - this silent seduction enrages me.
Child - the fatal assassin's black eyes will bleed.

Child in silence, I know who you are.
Child, you're lost and alone in the dark.
Child, I know that you're hurting inside.
Child, I've seen your affections denied.
Child in turmoil, I know where you've been.
Child in darkness, I've seen what you've seen.
In the night, in this fear of letting go of the light,
I hear you calling me home.

Child - no one shall covet your dreams tonight,
Child - the tyrant shall cry in the streams of light.

Child in darkness,
I've heard when you scream in the night,
In this fear of letting go, in the light,
I'll be standing there to hold you.

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