We come and rise
Today is the day
A giant surprise
We're going away

We're gonna fly
Gonna search the sky
Stars all around
We're taking off the ground

Come on, join the crew!
Come on, join the flight!
Everyone who loves anew
Gonna get high

We'll sail across the sky
Between the moon and stars
Across the universe
Along the planets' path
We'll spin around the Sun
Tripping toward Mars

So, get on your feet!
Come on, don't be late!
Too late to retreat
We're going away
Going away

In the Cradle of Your Hand
Paweł Brodowski / Julian Matej

Remembering sweet days
In the cradle of your hands
I dreamed of an orchard full of joy
Raindrops full of warmth

Remebering sweet days
Upon the hills of your arms
Welcomed the day's sunny shore
The silver circle all around

I hear the whisper of grass inside
I feel the lightness of clouds in the sky
I hear the music in my ears
The painful sound of your voice

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