It was early,early all in the spring
when my love Willie went to serve a king
the night been dark and the wind blew high
which parted me from my sailor boy

"Oh father,father, give me a boat
for on the ocean I mean to float
to watch the bigger ships as they pass by
for I might enquire for my sailor boy

She had not sailed it for a week or two
when she spied a captain and all his crew
"Oh captain, captain, come tell me true,
does my love Willie sail on board with you?"

What was the colour of your Willie's hair,
what was the colour does young Willie wear?
"A red-blue jacket and his trousers white
and his curly hair was my heart's delight"

"Oh fair maid, fair maid, he is not here,
for he's lost or drowned, I am afraid
for in yon green island as we passed by
t'was there we lost the fine sailor boy"

She wrung her hands and she tore her hair
just like a lady in deep despair
she called for paper, both pen and ink
and every line she did drop a tear
and every word she cried "Willie dear"

So father, father, go dig my grave
go dig it long and go dig it wide
place marble stone at my head and feet
that the world may know that I died in grief

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