Joviann, i have no use for histories
my mind catches only the loudest of
the brightest storms
it's no mystery
that the night begins as a roving wind that
summons the earth
from under my feet
and i see the grains one after another
go up in the drift
encircling me

I used to love
the end of the night
when the sun would break through
the seam of the horizon
but now
things aren't the same
no day is complete
because with the moon
love fades away from me

I used to love
I used to love

Joviann, how could i sustain moments like these
oh how the time crumbles out of existence
when something has changed
and become a need
my heart is a weighted with a resistance
that deadens the pain
when you're not with me
and i feel the grains one after another
are slipping away
i used to love
i used to love

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