Hand on the button
Bird in the mouth
Bloods up and running
Chasing you down
Up against the wall
Down on your knees
Love is a warm gun
You beg you plead
Systems humming
Moto cycle thighs
Open your wings now dark eyes
Take me for a long ride
I know where you live
I know where you hide
Wait for it right there

I m gunnin
Don’t stop
Give me little Tambo
Let it ring

How many accidents
Before we collide
A trillion coincidence
Got me by your side
Now I'm aiming for you
I got you in my sights
I will not miss
Or blink an eye

I am in to you

Mysterious flower in your belly
Orchid in bloom
This gift we exist In
Let me undress you
See you down south
Austin to LA
San Francisco to Chicago
Vancouver to Brooklyn city

I am gunnin for you

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