I'm a root boy by myself,
And my brother got dem Chi ties,
and if dem pussy wanna contest,
hollow tips gottem flashin dem letters,
ALL MY GANGSTAS!! put em up! x5
(Verse 1)
we have the block on lock, noooww,,
We... we dun flippin boys glocks, noo,
he... he better stop shop now, before somebody get
See... i'm the same old street,
we... we aint scared to pop heat,
he...better stop runnin his beak,
before we gettem fo real, FO REAL
wit my top down,
i gottem all mad cuz a yung dude get a lil change,
wit my top down,
matter a fact its a rap cop that cause pain,


the hood get shut down,
we...better take back the block now
to be continued....

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