You can't hold me
That's why I'm still lonely

My rocket engine start to howl
I take off quick and you throw in the towel
Runnin' after bliss, I'm on the prowl
I growl in your chicken house
Scare your fowl
I speak too fast nobody can follow, wanna race With me? Come, I beat you hollow!
Too fast for the dogs, I fly like a swallow
Too fast for the girls, I still stay alone

Always live in a different groove
That's life of rocket man on the move
I'm on a million, always get the jiggy on
Ready for the giddeon, no time to loose!


Girl don't you try to hold me, I'll be gone, Faster than the roadrunner
So many lovely girls at home feel alone
Waiting for a younger lover
It's irresponsible of me, to keep my sweets for just one mother
That's why I'm always on the run, I can't stay longer than for one summer
Ready to overtake-racing like a speed devil
No time to take a breake-pacing at top level
Feel my body ake-searching for the one to hold me at the place I belong


Please go away don't gimme a hard day
Am I speaking too fast for you?
Would you do, what I want you to?
I can't do nothing more for you
Find a barber to talk to, boo
I got to get rid of you
That dude doesn't have a clue
He's not in my crew
Tell him what you gonna do
Girl you stick like glue
I'm on my way, stepp of my shoe
I'm sorry, I don't feel for you
No more to say, have a nice day

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