you should have known us in our vietnam days
when we could save the planet saturating the tape
my closet bed, don't have time to sleep around it
someday they're read about the world that we've created
just for our heads, learn to swim or end up sinking
- chorus -
for the senseless world
our material
crimes on paper

and since the here and now has come of age
and all my friends are tripping
telling me to stretch my eyes around my head
watch your back for real they tell me
don't want to read about you boy in the obituary
ignore what you've read, don't have time to read about it
- chorus -
now maybe somewhere someone's jotting this down
so in a million years from now when it's stil around
they can wonder who we were
wonder what we did, who we knew
and all the legends of our time
are they really true, i doubt you do
then again i wouldn't blame you
- chorus -
* repeat *

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