we were down like the hindenberg, baby
with a coke and a smile
i felt compelled to leave due to the fact that something flew
into my eye
after coaxing the girl and spanning the globe
i'm sure i'll look back differently
with many acres of contemptment and design, liquid filth,
and violent mood swings
and oh yes, she won the west
putting on the sunday best
with the will of a bottle and a false sense of a direction,
protection, dielya
- chorus -
gotta get you out of a town so dull

and with the neon coast straight out of miami vice
it is not so inviting as it was
about ten or so ago
all the cd bins, a podunk collection
full of rob bass and mc shan
all the airwalks and cardigans
and a man with intoxication
- chorus -
gotta get you out of a town so dull
your gleam has completely penetrated
my skull

long after the schooling of coolness that took place at the sapphire supper i found
myself stoned, miserable, and face to face with a beautiful drearie she was staring holes in my skull with that magical
power only drearies possess i call it the "stare into my eyes until all you can think about is me" look this particular
one was very skilled in this much more so than talking

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