brown is on his way, brown is on his way now. climbing over me, climbing over me now
got a picture of, got a picture of me, standing with my arm, standing with my army
you see i dont know how to feel, don't know how to be a man. can i be a liar, can i be it today?
can it go away, can it go away, please? cause it feels like a dirt, feels like a disease
we are all on the same wave, playing the same game
we are all on the same wave and it feels like its going to rain again
gotta have it fit, gotta have it fit clean. hanging over me and handing over my green
can it find a way, can it find a way please
'cos i need it like a dirt, need it like a disease,
we are all on the same wave, playing the same game,
we are all on the same wave,
'cos it feels much better now i'm wasted,
talking about me even though i can see
you are my friend but i can't be your friend now
i'd miss you if i could, it's too easy, it's to good
and i let my lover down, let it down
with the strength of the sun
its not over 'till i'm done

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