sunday morning a revelation, i saw myself as my own salvation
i banged my head against a brick wall and i turned around it was him!
he said gently "now, who's your daddy?" and i said i did not know that sadly
"make a sound and make it loud, with the lightness of a cloud,
write a song about today and they'll be nothing more to say"
he said that i thought that nothing mattered and thats why my perception is in tatters
"come with me and i'll show you something, come with me and you'll see
i look over there where that bird is standing", and i sat next to the wonder thats landing
"that bird knows how good it feels to exists beneath the wheels of a tidal wave of pain
and his happiness regained"
"go and get no happy"
"i thankyou mannow i feel much better now that im aware of my nature
cos before i was sick in the head now i could be your own.
before you go can i ask one more thing?" and he said yes as he started yawning
"how can i feel morally rich, when i live with such a bitchand the truth is so far down
that its easier let it drown?" he said "listen to yourself, you sound just like someone else,
if you really feel this way, why dont you end it today?"
amd he said "Go and get no happy"

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