In the twelfth kingdom
Beyond the twelfth sea
On the twelfth mountain
And near the twelfth stream
In castle number twelve
With twelve towers
Lived a beautiful princess named Twelveia

At noon, on the twelfth day of the twelfth month
Twelveia would be twelve years old!
So she sent her twelve knights
To twelve kingdoms
To invite twelve princes
And twelve princesses
To her birthday party!

Twelve cannons fired twelve shots
Announcing Twelveia's twelfth birthday
Twelve chariots each drawn by twelve horses
Arrived with twelve princes and twelve princesses
Each carrying twelve gifts for Twelveia

Twelve courses were cooked by twelve cooks
Wearing twelve hats
Mixing with twelve spoons

One cake was baked by twelve bakers
Twelveia cried twelve tears
Because she was disappointed
That there was only one cake
Until she climbed twelve steps
To the twelfth tower and saw ...
That the cake was a huge number 12!