What do you do with a fruit?
They're juicy and healthy and cute
But to eat 'em it's true
There's a few things to do
If you wanna get through to a fruit

Now first there's the peeling problem, very tricky

Now bananas are nice with a soft easy skin
Try peeling a melon what trouble you're in
Now a grape is a pleasure there's nothing to do
While a pineapple's tougher, let 'em fix it for you
Give it to Mom, she'll cut some nice easy pieces for you

Now an orange is tasty, the peel's rather thick
But don't eat a lemon it'll make you go "Ick!"
And grapefruit's are sour sometimes no one knows why
And I wouldn't quite trust 'em they squirt in your eye!
But a nectarine, now there's a fruit, a nectarine
Where do such things come from?
Half a peach, half a plum
And very clean, you wash 'em so they're very clean
And be sure when you do there's no bugs in there too

What do you do with a fruit?
They're squishy and run down your suit
But you really can't beat 'em so bite in and eat 'em
They really deserve a salute
Every apple and cherry has me feeling merry
I love every strawberry, raspberry--very
I think I'll just holler and hoot
'Cause that's what you do with a fruit
They're quite a pear!

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