The deep sea diver says, "This is the place to be
Swimming with the fishes here under the sea!"
Whoa - oooo
Would you like to be a deep sea diver
And the taxi driver says, "Come for a ride
I'll take you where you want to go, just step inside!"
Whoa - oooo
Would you like to be a taxi driver

Folks call the veternarian and say, "Come quick!"
When their dog or cat or horse or cow or moose gets sick
And the barber says, "Sit here in my barber's chair
And I'll take a pair of scissors and I'll cut your hair."
Carpenters gets hammers, drills and other tools
To make us chairs and tables and homes and schools
Whoa - oooo
Being a carpenter would hit the spot

And astronauts blast off from their base
They would love to do experiments in outer space
Whoa - oooo
It could be fun to be an astronaut
So many things to do
When you grow up
Is one of these the job for you
When you grow up

When you grow up, yeah!

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