I'll sing you a song how first we began,
Our toils and our troubles our plot and our plan.
We left our fair country, our friends and our homes,
Across to the deserts wild and the mountains to roll.

We travelled three weeks 'til we came to the platt.
Set up our camp ahead of the pack,
In just a moment low we heard a faint yell,
Five hundred cavalry they were riding from hell.

We fight for favour,
we will fight for pride,
And oh we will fight for favour,
We will fight 'til they die.

They made a bold dash came near to our train,
Bullets fell around like showers of rain,
With long rifles at hand we fed them hot lead
'Til many a brave warrior around us lay dead,


We travel by day but guard in the night,
Across all those mountains so high in their might,
Now in a green valley we live beside a clear old stream,
Our journey now ended in the land of our dreams,


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