Remember when this meant something.
It was more than popularity.
No open minds or open hearts
We've never been farther apart.
Tolerance does not exist
One's difference meets your fist.
Fake facades and drama queens, they don't know what this really means.
Not a fashion show or a trend
This nonsense has to end.
Alone and strung out on your memories
You sold out on your scene.
Your once outstretched arms
Now folded across your chest
You never cared at all
just try and look your best.
Where was your sincerity?
Where is your integrity?
Take it back to when there was substance.
Don't be scared, hold fast, and make a stance.
With your beliefs, to them, you stay true.
And treat others as if they were you.
Take it Back (4x)
back to when there was unity.
Respect, a two-way street; give and take.
'Cause what you build is what you make.
And how you act must match what you say.
Where is your sincerity?
Where is your integrity?

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