Doctor: "your daughter has signed a letter of concent for us to use bone marrow from your grandson.
Through this procedure, we hope to increase the production of red blood cells, it should work, but we have to keep our fingers crossed."

I've been wasting many years
On the side of your bed
Watching her take care of junior
This ain't the life I wished for
To see my son living his life an empty shell
While I'm living hell

My back hurts
And ruins my sleep
The man next door
Plays evil music, he's such a creep

The mask I carry on the outside
Prevents the inside from shinning through
The pain of missing you
Now, one last try
No, I won't let my son die
Heaven tends to help the believing ones
Let us hope for light
Tomorrow's a brand new day
Spare as a day of sorrow, and decay

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