I'm sitting alone
Watching the day go by
Searching the sky
To find a reason why
I hear the clock ticking
It's running slow
A voice is calling
Won't you come to me

But I can't let go
No I can't let go
Cuz I want you to know
That I tried

It's just the raindrops
Falling on my window pane
Anger raging from the skies
Tears like knives upon my face again
Clouds have gathered
Just for the chase

It's just the raindrops
It's just the raindrops

Still sitting alone
Watching the day break free
Feels like the walls are closing in on me
Losing my way
No one left to blame
I need to find a shelter
From the rain

But I won't let go
No I won't let go
Cuz I need to know
Till I don't

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