So long without you
You're so far away
And I'm so wrong without
That I can't
Stand another day

No sleep at night
Demons in my head
I'm staring at the ceiling waiting
Sinking in my bed

I'm driving in my car
I'm driving through the night
To get to where you are

I know I got it wrong
I'll try to get it right
But I can't stay here

Thinking about you
Every hour every day
Can't live without you
Won't you tell me
I can stay

Thinking about you
It's getting harder every day
I'm no good without you
You're the habit
I can't break

Some time ago you said
I'm leaving for a while
I didn't believe you then
Boy I believe you now

I was too young to see it
Too young to know
Too young to realise
What I was
Letting go

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