There ain't a lot
that you can do in this town.
You drive down to the lake
and then you turn back around.
You go to school
and you learn to read and write.
So you can walk into the county bank
and sign away your life.
I work at the fillin' station on the interstate.
Pumpin' gasoline and countin' out of state plates.

They ask me how far into Memphis girl,
and where's the nearest beer.
And they don't even know that
there's a town around here.
Someday I'm finally gonna let go.
'Cause I know there's a better way.
And I wanna know what's over that rainbow.
I'm gonna get out of here someday.
Now my brother went to college
cause he played football.
I'm still hangin' round
cause I'm a little bit small.
I got me a 67 Chevy,
she's low and sleek and black.
Someday I'll put her on the interstate and never look back.

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