Standing in line at the grocery
Staring back at the
trash magazines
Martians say earth girls
are lonely
Well that's not news to me

In the parking lot I saw
two cowboys
fighting for a
handicapped space
So what is a girl
to do now boys
To make sense of this place

There's too much wrong in
the world tonight
Too much I cant understand
Í wanna board up these
windows and turn out
these lights
And lie down with
an innocent man
lie down with
an innocent man

I dont need a strong man's
I don't want a faithless
man's love
Just a little respect
and affection
Would be more than enough

Cause I've been shot down
by love's aimless arrows
and I've shot a few
wild ones myself
But these days
the choices are narrow
and you've got to aim well

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I've been holding my heart
like a lantern
looking out for just one
honest face
All the noise out there
won't matter
If I can trust in just one
quiet place

(repete refrão)


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