You're imprisoned in an endless labyrinth
You don't know how to get out
Your mind is flaring like a candlelight
In a hall with a hundred doors
It's a puzzle, you've to arrange the pieces
Nothing can stop this game

The devil's not outside of you
The devil's within you

You're imprisoned in your disgusting dreams
Touched by creatures of the dark
Your flesh is rotten, you've lost your soul
There is no hope of redemption
Read the words written with you blood
No remission of your sins

The devil's not outside of you
The devil's within you

The devil's within you
Help me i'm in hell
Kyrie eleison

The devil:
"let me see your body bleed
Let me taste your flesh
Take the cross between your legs
And you'll be a living dead

Let me hear your mortal shout
Let me drink your blood
I'm gonna fuck you in the arse
And you'll be a part of me"

Vater unser
Der du bist im himmel
Geheiligt werde dein name
Dein reich komme
Dein wille geschehe
Wie im himmel
So auch auf erden
Unser tagliches brot gib uns heute
Und vergib uns unsere schuld
Wie auch wir vergeben unsern schuldigern
Und fahre uns nicht in versuchung
Sondern erlase uns
Von dem basen