Yeah, I'm sorry
I can´t afford a ferrari,
But that don't mean i can't get you there.
I guess he's an xbox
And I'm more atari
But the way you play your game ain´t fair

I pity the fool
That falls in love with you
(Oh shit she's a golddigger)
(Just thought you should know nigga)
I´ve got some news for you
Yeah go run and tell your little boyfiend

I see you driving round town
with the girl I love
And I'm like, fuck yoou

I guess the change in my pocket
Wasn't enough
I´m like, fuck you and fuck her too

I said
"If I was richer, i'd still be with ya"
Ha, now ain´t that some shit?
(Hin't that some shit)
And althought there's pain on my chest
I still wish you the best
With a... Fuck you

I came to dance, dance, dance, dance
I hit the floor
'Cause this my plans, plans, plans, plans
I'm wearing all my favorite brands, brands, brands, brands

Give me space for both my hands, hands, hands, hands, hands
You , you
'Cause it goes on and on and on...
And it goes on and on and on...

I throw my hands up in the air sometimes,
Saying AYO
Gotta let go
I wanna celebrate and live my life,
Saying AYO
Baby, let's go

'Cause we gon' rock this club,
We gon' go all night,
We gon' light it up,
Like it's dynamite
'Cause I told you once,
Now I told you twice,
We gon' light it up
Like it's dynamite

So raise your glass if you are wrong,
In all the right ways,
All my underdogs,
We will never be never be, anything but loud
And nitty gritty dirty little freaks
Won't you come on and come on and raise your glass,
Just come on and come on and raise your glass

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