I cannot find the reason to leave to go
Exactly that you it has found a new love
and it is of whom its dreams are made
I cannot find a reason to wait
What the penalty gave wrong can be pardoned
Without you valley only not to live

To the times I wake up crying to the night
and sometimes I shout your name
That right it has to even so take its heart
When for as much time you age mine

I took off all the photos about the day of our marriage
were the time of love and laughs
Happy thus these photos had forever
but exactly started to age

Please it says me that it is not real
and that you really are come to house to be

I can give two good reasons
to you to show to you that the love is not blind
It has 2 years and it 4 and you know
They you adore you
Then as I can count they who you moved of idea
I remember when age mine to you

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