Ta bean in Éireann a phronnfadh sead damh is mo shaith le n-ol
(There's a woman in Erin who'd give me shelter and my fill of ale;)
Is ta bean in Éireann is ba bhinne leithe mo rafla ceoil
There's a woman in Ireland who'd prefer my strains to strings being played)
No seinm thead; ata bean in Eirinn is niorbh fhearr lei beo
There's a woman in Eirinn and nothing would please her more)
Mise ag leimnigh no leagtha i gcre is mo tharr faoi fhod
(Than to see me burning or in a grave lying cold.)

Ta bean in Éireann a bheadh ag ead liom mur bhfaighfinn ach pog
(There's a woman in Eirinn who'd be mad with envy if I was kissed)
O bhean ar aonach, nach ait an sceala, is mo dhaimh fein leo;
(By another on fair-day, they have strange ways, but I love them all)
Ta bean ab fhearr liom no cath is cead dhiobh nach bhfagham go deo
(There are women I'll always adore, battalions of women and more)
Is ta cailin speiriuil ag fear gan Bhearla, dubhghranna croin.
(And there's this sensuous beauty and she shackled to an ugly boar.)

Ta bean a dearfadh da siulann leithe go bhfaighinn an t-or,
(There's a woman who promised if I'd wander with her I'd find some gold)
Is ta bean 'na leine is is fearr a mein no na tainte bo
(A woman in night dress with a loveliness worth more than the woman)
Le bean a bhuairfeadh Baile an Mhaoir is clar Thir Eoghain,
(Who vexed Ballymoyer and the plain of Tyrone)
Is ni fhaicim leigheas ar mo ghalar fein ach scaird a dh'ol.
(And the only cure for my pain I'm sure is the ale-house down the road.)

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