It's time to shake things up
Time to knock down walls and
make it tough
To keep those blinders on
I've had enough
Of chasing shadows down
blind trails of luck
It's time for moving on
It's looking grim, it's all too much
There are places in your mind you
shouldn't touch
The candle, feel it burn
This really isn't cause for concern
I know that things won't always
be this hard
I know a time will come
when I can drop my guard
I know that when I lack
the strength to stand
I know you'll be there
holding out your hand
It's time to make my mark
Time to shine a light on all the dark
Places in my mind
It's not so bad
I see what matters is the love I've had
So much here to find
It's looking grim...
What is love?
If not for here,
if not for you If not for us?
What is love when things aren't clear,
And you might lose what's not enough?
It's looking grim...

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