Time stands still
As bodies rise to meet
In the almost silent heat, anticipation
You feel a chill
As cool air hits your skin
Where my anxious lips have been
wild sensation
The moment is clear,
there's nothing to fear
All the hurt that's been is left behind
I'm here with you now,
I can't explain how
In a sea of change
you've stayed on my mind
Just when I thought
love was done
I saw a world inside you
You shone out brighter than the sun
Don't run and hide you won't be lied to
My world's inside
You lie awake
In the breathless afterglow
All the things you still don't know
Make you crazy
You want to take
Things one step at a time
But feelings so sublime
Make things hazy
The moment...
Just when I thought...
My world's inside, inside of you
And in the prism of my mind
things are coming into view
My world's inside, I think it's true
This love will take your heart away
And fill it up with something new
Just when I thought...

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