What you don't seem to understand
Is all I spend my days dreaming about
And I won't find a place to land
Until I stop finding ways of letting you
clean me out
So many promises ago,
so many things I couldn't know
So many ways I've been let down,
ways I'm running out
Of what I have come here for,
of what opens up my door
Of what scrapes me off the floor
and sets my feet dancing
Here at the crossroads
filled with fear I can't let go
All I hear are the voices saying
this can't be, this can't be
But I will make it so
I'm finding out that what my
heart had said
Was wise beyond my years
When I began to doubt that the
art inside my head
Was bigger than my fears
I forced myself inside a box
and not seeing all the locks
I just tossed away the keys,
lost site of all the dreams
Of what I have...
You opened a doorway into
my favorite spot
I asked you to stay but you said you
Had to go I didn't know you
What I have come here for...

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