You say that I will never
find a heartbeat
That matches mine as closely
as your own
And in the second breath you say
I'm just a deadbeat
You know for sure you're
better off alone
You spend your time inside my mind
And there's no sign of changing
But I've heard enough, to call your bluff
And my skin is tougher than
it ever used to be
And I say
I'll keep holding on in this lonely time
You will see a different side of me
I can't see my way free
But I will keep holding on
Until the next thing comes
'Cause you are not the only one
And you say that there's no other
Who would live life on my terms
That I could never find a lover
Who would be there standing firm
You spend your time...
There's more to life than games
Times have been spent strange
But I'm bending bars
I refuse to live life in this cage
I'll keep holding...

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