Well I'ma tell you a story and I come out bluntly
Want a ugly child, hey nobody would want me
I used to walk around and get upset and upsetter
'Til I figured out ways to make myself look better
As I got older, my awareness expanded
I met this beautiful girl and my wish was commanded
Didn't hang with fellas, 'cause they started gettin' shady
I'd always be wit my girl and ya'll could call her my lady
I loved her a lot, word up, not going to front see
The problem did arise is why on earth did she want me?
Couldn't figure it out and to make things worst
I was cursed, with the torment of not being the first
And the first was this fly guy, made me very jealous
Always think she'd cheat on me and talk to other fellas
Two wrongs don't make a right, but any we would fight
I would kindly pick up the phone and call a girl out of spite
I shouldn't have done it, man

[Chorus 2X]
I'm feelin sad and blue

I wanted to make this right, so direct I was admirin'
I tried to stop my love, but no love was not retirin'
To catch her in a lie was near impossible and tricky
Didn't want her in certain clothes, gettin' really picky
We got into it again, this time she got too bright
So me preventin' a fight, I just stayed out for the night
I had to ease up off the pressure, all this heartache pain so
I went up to the Parrot, with Omega, Vance, and Dane

This girl came over, she was trucked down excessive
Started talkin' to me (hi), and she was poppin' quite aggressive
A pretty young thing, she didn't strike me as no ho
So weak minded Rick the Ruler went on with the flow
My joint was gettin' hard, word, without me even knowin'
We stepped back to my van and I could feel it's for her growin'
The girl took off her coat her body was no joke
Well, a rub or two, unzip it, and I went for broke
I shouldn't have done it

[Chorus 4X]

Now I've sinned and there's no one to blame
That night when I went home, I felt real guilty and ashamed
Snuck right into bed, I felt just like a shady fella
What made me so self-centered, how am I ever gonna tell her?
I shouldn't have cheated, just because we'd always doubt
Endurance, be a man, that's what I had to learn about
Now me, I guess I'm like there's one [or] two secrets that I hid
I figure, I'd patch things up and then I'll tell her what I did
Then after that, she started actin' heaven sent
I found the house spotless and said she help out with the rent
So, I bought the ring, it was a good 20 Karat
Then word got back about me chillin' at the Parrot
So when I got home, I thought she'd just be out to roast
Instead I found this letter, and I found her overdosed
It said "I do for you but I guess you didn't care"
All this went and happened 'cause of me and my affair
I shouldn't have done it man

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