* - Slick Rick
+ - Doug E. Fresh
@- Both

Oh my God...

*Excuse me Doug E. Fresh
*Have you ever seen a show with fellows on the mic
Wit one minute rhymes and don't come out right
They bite, they're never right, that's not polite
Am I lying
+No, you're quite right
*But tonight on this very night you're about to hear
@We swear the best star rappers of the year
*So + so *cherrio +yo scream @ bravo
@Also if you didn't know this is called the show

*Hey yo Doug + What
*Put your ballies on
+Yo Rick I was about to but I need the shoehorn
*Why + Because the shoes always hurt my corns
*6 minutes, 6 minutes, 6 minutes Doug E. Fresh you're on
Ah ah on, ah ah on, ah ah ah ah ah ah ah on(2x)

Oh my God...

+Here we go (Here we go)
+C'mon (C'mon) (2x)

+Yo where's will and barr
*Well I don't know they're late
Tell 'em the time, oh I forgot the date
+Man you did it again, oh no
(Yo, here we go, c'mon, here we go, c'mon, here we go
think we missed the show)
No, no n-n-n-no we didn't (what)
No, n-n-n-n-no we didn't (w-w-w-what)
No we didn't, well don't get us wrong
*Excuse me Doug E., excuse me Doug E.
Excuse me Doug E. Fresh you're on
Ah ah on, on, on, on, on

Oh my God...

+Well it started up on 8th Avenue
And I made up the name @ the Get Fresh Crew
It was me, my two DJ's Chill Will and Barry B, and
My right hand man Ricky D.
I used to rap and sing, make sounds and things
For example, here's a telephone ring
(ring, ring) *Hello, is Doug E. Fresh here
(No, he's not in right now)
+But anyway, no more delay
Just check out the new style I display
Now you got to be fresh to rock wit fresh
And I'm D-O-U-G-I-E Fresh
And I'm know for the (sound effects)
Not for the (sound effects)
The human beat box or the entertainer
No other title that fits me plainer
In a passing generation, I am a remainder
And I'm also known as a beat box trainer
Cashing checks, make sound effects
And after I'm finish rocking, Slick Rick is on next
(You know it) Slick Rick

*Well, here's a little something that needs to be heard
Doug, i was going downtown (Word Rick) word
(Sure) All along, no one to be wit
Step on the D-train, 205th
I saw a pretty girl (so)
So I sat beside her
Then she went roar, she was Tony the Tiger
I said, oh no, there has been a mistake
Honey, my name's Slick Rick, not frosty flake
(oh, golly wolly) She was raising hell
She said, um, my name is Maggie but you can call me Michelle

Michelle, ma belle.
Sont des mots qui vont très bien ensemble,
Très bien ensemble.

Slick Rick and I'll rock the house, you know what I'm sayin
and when I 'm on the mic there wont be no delayin
Bust a move, we show and prove
Hey, yo, Doug, do that record jam on a groove

Oh my God...

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