I'll be the last motherfucker breathing, fa sho, ha
Slim Thug, Boss Hogg (we'll be the last motherfuckers breathing)
Ha, all them hating ass niggas
(We'll be the last motherfuckers breathing)
Talk down all you want, but uh
(I'll be the last motherfucker breathing), all them bitch ass niggas
Hating on a nigga cause of what he got, cause of what he earned
You know I'm saying (we'll be the last motherfuckers breathing)

[Slim Thug]
It's getting deep, we bout to go to war in these streets
You can't play and say you gon kill me, after we lost sleep
I ain't taking no chances, we on deadly circumstances
I just had to make sho, you cowards understand this
I done ran out of passes, no mo' letting em make it
They was rolling up the hate, so them niggas can take it
All love lost, I'm tired of getting put in the cross
A good guy gone bad, is what it's gon cost
Big ass step before the sun up, I put that on my mama
I'ma bring a bunch of pain, to every nigga bringing drama
Motherfuckers try to do me, but they far from ready
I do you niggas by myself, cause I'm raw and heavy
And they use to be my main homies, I'm the one got change
But they the ones, that changed on me
I blame myself for fucking with phonies, I shoulda knew better
You can't expect to get paid, if you ain't a go-getter
I'm getting mine in a major way, on the grind
Trying to find out, how much I can get paid today
It's only one way for me, if I want it I'ma get it
It ain't my fault you niggas got your chance, and bullshitted
I'm a Boss Hogg Outlaw, you know what that mean
A bunch of niggas on the same team, getting that green
My click'll die for me, my click'll ride for me
I promise every nigga, representing that love me
It's gon get ugly, if I lose another one of my niggas
Cause I won't sleep until I know you haters, dead in a river
Put your vest on, nigga this is Outlaw season
Everybody in my click, gon be the last motherfuckers breathing

Heated up at all times, behind tint when I'm creeping
Who be the last motherfucker breathing
Come with plex to the Boss, and your ass won't be leaving
Who be the last motherfucker breathing
Hide your chest with a vest, this is the Outlaw season
Who be the last motherfucker breathing
Down to bust all times, for any given reason
Who be the last motherfucker breathing

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